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Bags for building work (building waste, rubble, etc.) and DIY

In addition to plastic films and LDPE sheets, Multiplast markets waste and rubble bags for building work and DIY. These waste bags have different capacities and thicknesses to suit different types of rubble on the work site.

Multiplast recycled plastic (LDPE) waste bags

Multiplast recycled plastic (LDPE) waste bags are available in various versions.

Their thickness ranges from 40 to 80 microns and their capacity ranges from 100 to 150 litres. Thanks to their reinforced seam, these waste bags can be used for various types of waste, guaranteeing extreme strength and robustness. The smallest thicknesses are suitable for household waste or light waste (paper, cardboard, etc.), while the largest thicknesses are suitable for heavier and liquid waste which will not pierce them.

Multiplast also markets LDPE rubble bags: black, with a capacity of 60 litres or 50 kilogrammes, they are very robust and ideal for rubble disposal.

These made-in-France LDPE bags are recyclable.

The company also markets woven rubble bags:

These woven polypropylene rubble bags have a large capacity: 60 litres or 50 kilograms. They are very resistant to tearing and puncturing.
Available with handles and with a square bottom, they are easy to fill and transport.
Optimum load capacity for these rubble bags for easy removal of heavy and bulky waste.