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Raw materials from the recycling of LDPE (polyethylene)

Since its creation, Multiplast, a French plastics manufacturer, has always been concerned about the environment and, for this reason, has used raw materials from recycled products. Opposed to the idea of exploiting the planet’s resources, the company strives to give a second life to objects destined for incineration.

It also promotes the recyclability of its plastic films, bin bags, and LDPE sheets, demonstrating its desire to develop and feed the plastics circular economy. From the raw materials to the components that make up the finished item, the manufacturer guarantees full traceability of its production.

The MORE label awarded to Multiplast demonstrates its eco-responsible approach associated with the use of recycled raw materials.

Going further, the Haute-Loire company made a splash by launching the first biosourced sheet on the LDPE protective sheet market.