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An innovative & responsible plastics manufacturer of recyclable films and sheets

Created in 1986, Multiplast, the French manufacturer of recycled and recyclable plastic films and sheets, reinvents protective products for professionals in the building industry and DIY sector. Today, the family-owned company is a leading European plastics company. Since it located to Pôle 43 in Sainte-Sigolène, the birthplace of extrusion in France, it has developed nationally and internationally, with a significant presence in Europe.

Driven by its initial values, Multiplast cultivates innovation and sustainability in high-quality plastic production. Aware of the environmental challenges associated with the plastics industry, its business is part of the circular economy because it uses recycled raw materials to make recyclable products.

Expertise at the cutting edge of the plastics industry

A specialist in protection for building work and DIY, this plastic films and sheet manufacturer is also a custom plastic extrusion manufacturer able to produce small, medium, and large volumes. Multiplast uses state-of-the-art 3-layer LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) technology for maximum strength.

From production to advice: overall expertise

The plastics industry goes beyond the boundaries of production alone. Its expertise is demonstrated through comprehensive support for private labels. Multiplast therefore provides branding, brand management (communication, point-of-sale advertising, logotypes, etc.), and supply chain services, among other things.

Building and large retail customers

The company’s customers operate in the building industry and DIY sector. As such, Multiplast supplies both building professionals and the building industry as well as distributors of related products (tiles, wallpaper, brushes, etc.). It also supplies plastic films and sheets to a large network of recognised DIY stores.

Strong environmental awareness

Since its foundation, the company has been a step ahead when it comes to protecting resources and the environment. As a MORE label holder, it guarantees the use of recycled raw materials in its products. This environmentally-friendly plastic can also be recycled. These best practices are part of Multiplast’s logic of a virtuous circular economy.

A signature: innovation

Multiplast continues its tradition of innovation by constantly searching for pioneering plastic products. After being the first to market the Bobineau reel, Multiplast made another splash in 2022 with the launch of a labelled biosourced plastic sheet.