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Recycled and recyclable plastic films and sheets for sites: major technical innovations

Since its creation, Multiplast has combined expertise and creativity. Innovative by nature, this bold manufacturer has pioneered several remarkable inventions in the field of plastics.

The Bobineau reel: an invention for professionals and individuals, developed by Multiplast when it was first created

This concept, now widely used on work sites, was developed by Jacques Dupont, son of the founder and current technical director in charge of R&D and production. Developed in 80 cm and with 4 folds, the Bobineau plastic film reel stands out for its remarkable light weight and manoeuvrability, while remaining a heavy duty product.

Materials with unique properties

Since it was created, Multiplast has striven to manufacture high-quality plastic films and sheets from materials that guarantee convenience, working comfort, and safety for users. Designed with non-slip materials, these non-slip films are also odourless, which is an asset for professionals who use them every day.

A biosourced range in 2022

In early 2022, Multiplast produced an exclusive range of sheets and films made from plant-based raw material. Manufactured from a by-product of upcycled sugar cane (bagasse), this internationally patented range is a first in biosourced sheets for building work and DIY; a way to help reduce CO2 emissions.